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Peter Ganick
Around A Corner: an epidermis (1-28)

244 pages
ISBN 1-893541-26-6


Around A Corner: an epidermis (1-28) was written on a laptop computer during 1997, mostly while the author was engaged at an art-gallery sitting job at Artworks Gallery in Hartford, CT. It is more than a stream-of-consciousness work--it has elements of the disjunctiveness of Language poetry with a slightly off-color flavor inclining it towards the disrespectful.

Harm is sometimes intended here. Its opposite, love, is sometimes intended too. No one parallel can imagine whose impulse goes where when this text creates itself in the mindof the reader. The intention is not vague, nor biased, rather to inundate. Needless aims are not an expansion of tears, but a flavor of deliverance. Ghosts are all that remain.