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Aidan Thompson
Particle and Probability

70 pages
ISBN 1-893541-74-6


Aidan Thompson's new sentences move forward at the speed of light becoming thought (sound) thinking itself. As reading, "traveling the distance of a book"; as narrative turned on its (literal) ear; as words taking place in the action syntax discovers might now be not only possible but probable, moving to enact what happens when mind's eye meets material/visible world of particular things head on. "A black bird glides slowly," as she puts it, "becomes voice, unavoidable and daring"--likewise the glide of this wonderfully daring first book. Don't miss it.

--Stephen Ratcliffe


Aidan Thompson's prose poems revel in both chance and design, the seemingly infinite potential of syntactic "particles." At times evoking Stein and Picasso's cubism, these noun-populated portraits of 21st-century mind show us the interstices of the world within and outside us. A subtle magic draws us in toward the pleasure and surprise of intersectedness.

--Elizabeth Willis