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Peter Ganick
podiums: autobiographical
cafe fictions

327 pages
ISBN 1-893541-65-7


A grand, intense tour-de-force from a prolific iconoclast of the poetry wars. "Ganick's podiums are not bully pulpits. Rather, they function as platforms for bop prosody torqued into Cecil Taylor's pianistic runs. As anti-diaries, they insist on being music instead of musings."
--Tina Darragh.

"With dazzling amplitude Peter Ganick's writing spirals from high energy's direction until life speaks the instant as meditation. Here then, everything finds its way to the PODIUMS."
--Mary Rising Higgins.

Written in a dense, streaming prose, Podiums is a meditation both secular and divine. It is writing to carry with you. Cover art developed from a painting by the author