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Maureen Owen
Untapped Maps

87 pages
ISBN 0-937013-44-7


Maureen Owen's work has always been unique, and unusual in its look; the poem moves across the page mimicking a player piano roll in the way its triggers the synapses. To read her poems is to play her melody. She can be compared to Bonnie Rait in that she has a strong confident voice with earthy overtones. In some poems she echoes that pervasive and persuasive American folk style, the blues, and blends it with classical lament.
--Pat Nolan

I love it that Maureen Owen is talking to us again & I love it in the forms she gives it to us plus she's reinvented the surrealism of the household and of the movies and of the refrain. We're all thrilled again at the generosity of the reader's window.
--Bernadette Mayer