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Andrews, Bruce
Executive Summary

Arguelles, Ivan
Madonna Septet: Volume One
Madonna Septet: Volume Two
Tri Loka

Barone, Dennis

Barone, Dennis & Ganick, Peter
The Art of Practice: 45 Contemporary Poets

Bellen, Martine
Places People Dare Not Enter

Bennett, John M.
rOlling COMBers

Benson, Steve
Reverse Order

Bervin, Jen
under what is not under

Bramhall, Allen
Simple Theory

Buck, Paul
no title

Cadiot, Olivier & Bernstein, Charles
Red, Green & Black

Child, Abigail
A Motive for Mayhem

Clarke, Adrian & Sheppard, Robert, eds.
Floating Capital: new poets from London

Clippinger, Annabelle
Cloud Banner

Cole, Norma

Corman, Cid

Dahlen, Beverly
A Reading 11-17

Darragh, Tina
a(gain)2st the odds

Day, Jean
The I And the You

Di Palma, Ray
The Jukebox of Memnon

Doris, Stacy

DuPlessis, Rachel Blau
Drafts 15-XXX: The Fold

Enslin, Theodore
Case Book

Estrin, Jerry
Rome, A Mobile Home

Fischer, Norman
The Devices

Frazer, Vernon
Demolition Fedora

Ganick, Peter
Around A Corner: an epidermis (1-28)
Ox Sutra
podiums: autobiographical cafe fictions
Rectangular Morning Poem

Gottlieb, Michael
The River Road

Gough, Jenny
Mary & Shelly's Fair Copy Book

Grim, Jessica

Harryman, Carla

Higgins, Mary Rising

Hurley, J. Hayes
Diary of the Attending Rays

inman, p
Think of One

Kimball, Jack

Leftwich, Jim

Levy, Andrew
Continuous Discontinuous

Mandel, Tom & Davidson, Daniel
Absence Sensorium

Murphy, Sheila E.
Falling in Love Falling In Love With You Syntax: Selected & New Poems
The Indelible Occasion

Nash, Susan Smith
catfishes & jackals

Neilson, Melanie
Natural Facts

Ott, Gil
Public Domain

Owen, Maureen
Untapped Maps

Ratcliffe, Stephen
Idea's Mirror
spaces in the light said to be where one/ comes from

Robinson, Kit
The Champagne of Concrete

Scalapino, Leslie
Goya's LA
How Phenomena Appear to Unfold

Schultz, Susan M.
Memory Cards & Adoption Papers

Selby, Spencer
House of Before

Silliman, Ron

Thompson, Aidan
Particle and Probability

Ward, Diane
Imaginary Movie